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An homage to the great Giorgio Moroder. The film samples a piece of audio from Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories where Giorgio recounts the discovery of his now infamous synthesizer sound. Direction/Design/Animation: Nicolo Bianchino Music: Daft Punk - Giorgio by Moroder Additional Sound Design: Ambrose Yu

L'Autre Chose - fall/winter 2016

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If you are on the search for a new piece of furniture that is equal parts coffee table and art, we found the perfect fit. Romanian designer and artist Eduard Locota’s delMare table blends acrylic glass with marble to create an eye-catching piece for any living room. Meant to be as hypnotic as the waves of the Atlantic, this table combines a blueish green glass with a high-contrast wavy white marble in order to capture the look and feel of the ocean. Despite being set on only three legs, this work is just as stable as any other piece of furniture and that much more pleasing to look at given that the hue of the acrylic changes in response to the ambient light in the room. Limited to just 35 pieces in all, you’ll have to jump at your chance to get one of these in your own home.
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Vibrant Pantone Café Incorporates Iconic Color Swatches into Its Food and Decor

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The impressive range of Pantone colors lend themselves to all sorts of applications that go beyond just graphic design—they’re especially engaging when it comes to food. From smoothies to cookies, the iconic design system makes meals more fun, and it’s the driving force behind one pop-up restaurant. Returning for its second year, the Pantone Café has set up shop for the summer in Monaco. The eatery overlooks an idyllic seaside setting on the outdoor patio of the Grimaldi Forum cultural center. Minimalist in decor but bold in its color accents, the café offers coffee, sandwiches, desserts, and refreshing drinks. Every menu item is assigned a corresponding hue and is named after its color or specific ingredient. A bright red drink is called Strawberry Ice and has a similarly-hued koozie that highlights its visual intensity. To produce some of its other treats, the Pantone Café collaborated with the French juicery Yumi who used ingredients like rosemary, carrots, and fennel in their creations. The restaurant is currently open and will be running until September 9, 2016.


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Leave it to innovative Europeans to take their ethos of open living to the architectural world. Polish architects Michelina Majcherkiewicz-Chmielowska and Jedrzej Sobkiewicz designed this stylish and incredibly spacious loft within the shopping, arts and business district of Poznan, Poland. The unique, semi-partitioned design sets this loft apart from other converted spaces around the world. But here’s the kicker: the real inspiration for the design comes from everyone’s favorite San Fran investigator, good old Nash Bridges. The owner’s love for the fun-loving, free spirited crime-fighting hero inspired the clean architectural look for this dwelling. And Nash’s “no borders” approach to life lives on with this open-living style loft. With rooms only partially walled off, clearly the limited amount of privacy may not be for everyone. However, for those who don’t mind living in public, this Nash Bridges influenced apartment provides a trendy alternative to the traditional living arrangement.
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