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If you’ve ever wondered what architects will do when left to their own devices, this is your answer. Meet the Pyramid Solo House by TNA Architects. This wild pyramid is just one of 12 ‘Solo House’ projects underway in Matarrana, Spain – a mountainous area in the eastern part of the country. That broader project is an attempt by French developer Christian Bourdais to capture where the cutting edge of architecture stands at the beginning of the 21st century. This particular example out of the dozen being built right now was put together by Tokyo-based firm Makoto Takei + Chie Nabeshima TNA. The two Japanese architects have a distinct style that defies the surrounding landscape yet somehow manages not to confront it. The interior of the home features large, open-air rooms, stairs that climb up the side of the inside of the inverse pyramid, and a full kitchen. Of course, the most dream-like part of the whole project is the large, pyramidal pool adjacent to the gravity-defying home. We’re assuming the pool floats are triangular, too.
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While private clubs will always call P.G. Wodehouse to mind, they’ve changed a huge deal since they were the smokey and exclusive hangouts of well off members of the British upper class. Just as exclusive as they used to be (maybe more so), Soho House’s clubs are as much architectural treasures as they are retreats for the wealthy. Just take a look at the Soho Farmhouse for example. Located on a 100 acre farmhouse in the county of Oxfordshire, far from urban bustle, this retreat doesn’t cut any corners. Boasting 40 separate and individually designed cabins and a main area that includes dinning areas, a gym, boathouse, bar, movie theater, yoga studio, and sauna – guests are not left wanting more. The retreat’s boathouse is a real stand out on the property – with cobblestone floors, terrace roof, and reclaimed wood it has a modern feel that still manages to translate a sense of heritage. Unfortunately (for us at least), if you want to visit the Soho Farmhouse designed by Michaelis Boyd, you’ll have to manage to become a member first.


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Leave it to innovative Europeans to take their ethos of open living to the architectural world. Polish architects Michelina Majcherkiewicz-Chmielowska and Jedrzej Sobkiewicz designed this stylish and incredibly spacious loft within the shopping, arts and business district of Poznan, Poland. The unique, semi-partitioned design sets this loft apart from other converted spaces around the world. But here’s the kicker: the real inspiration for the design comes from everyone’s favorite San Fran investigator, good old Nash Bridges. The owner’s love for the fun-loving, free spirited crime-fighting hero inspired the clean architectural look for this dwelling. And Nash’s “no borders” approach to life lives on with this open-living style loft. With rooms only partially walled off, clearly the limited amount of privacy may not be for everyone. However, for those who don’t mind living in public, this Nash Bridges influenced apartment provides a trendy alternative to the traditional living arrangement.


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Have you ever gone on a long hike, and at some beautiful point thought – “I should move here”? By the looks of it, someone at the Norwegian architectural firm Lund Hagem did just that, and then followed through with the Cabin Knapphullet. At a site originally home to a couple of small sheds in Sandefjord on the southeast coast of Norway, the designers at Lund Hagem found a way to seamlessly combine glass, cement, and natural rock. The materials that the firm used in building the cabin are relatively simple, a white-concrete roof shaped like a bridge spanning across the rocky landscape, floor to ceiling glass windows, and wood. The entire building is designed with the environment around them in mind – as Lund Hagem put it when describing the cabin, it’s in dialogue with the vegetation and natural rock formations. Take a tour below.
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Located in Krokskogen forests, Norderhov, Norway, this modern cabin by architects Atelier Oslo sits on a slope overlooking scenic Lake Steinsfjorden. Laminated timber, plywood and steel rods form the frame, the open plan interior based around levels and against sweeping walls, allowing for division of the floor plan. Huge glass windows make the most of the incredible views, placed to catch as much precious sunlight as possible throughout the day, vital in those dark, Scandinavian winter months. The unusual cave-like ceilings and basalt stone slab layered onto a pre-fabricated structure add to the cabin’s cozy feel, while the central fireplace sets a similar focus for this clever, compact house.
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