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Living Embrace The Norse Landscape In This Geometric Cabin Retreat

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There’s not much out there that could make us leave our lives in the city, but sometimes all the hustle and bustle can be a bit overwhelming. It’s at these times, we like to fantasize about shacking up far from civilization, surrounded only by nature, in a place like the Efjord Retreat Cabin By Stinessen Arkitektur. As it turns out, the man that commissioned this cabin was searching exactly for that: total isolation and privacy. Of course, getting away from people was just one part of the equation. The other was creating an abode that embraced the natural beauty of its locale, the Halvarøy island off the coast of Norway. The geometric, panoramic design is complemented by natural materials, like birch wood and granite stone, and the abode even features its own sauna — which looks out over the gorgeous landscape with floor-to-ceiling windows of its own. We know this guy probably isn’t looking for neighbors, but we’re itching to have a cabin like this built for ourselves.

THE LOCAL: The Master Carver

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In this pilot film, we follow Master carver and indigenous Alaskan artist Wayne Price as he creates fine art in the traditional style of the Tlingit people. Wayne’s artistic creations cover a broad range of design and artifacts, including totem poles, dugout canoes, masks, paddles, clan hats and jewelry. Wayne works with local youth to pass on the craft and culture of the Tlingit people. Wayne takes us on a journey as he builds an adze, a traditional Tlingit wood-carving tool used by his ancestors for thousands of years. The Local is a Royal Caribbean original series, celebrating people from around the world, their unique passions and their culture. For the premiere season, we highlight three locals from Alaska: Wayne Price, Mary Smith and Dan Oberlatz.

happy easter

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Andy Warhol, EGGS, 1982 // Lou Reed at the VH special Music Studios NYC USA 20february 1997 performing Egg Cream
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