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Libertà, sogni, coraggio di volare: le parole di Sepúlveda che vivono in noi

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Il grosso pubblico in Italia l'ha scoperto con "Il Vecchio che leggeva romanzi d'amore" e la "Storia di una gabbianella e del gatto che le insegnò a volare". Ma sono quasi una quarantina i suoi libri tradotti in tutto il mondo dal '69 a oggi. Rimasti senza Luis Sepúlveda rileggiamo alcune delle sue frasi più celebri, quelle che i ragazzi riportano sui diari e i loro genitori e i nonni hanno ancora nella memoria o sottolineati nei libri letti a suo tempo. Perché lo stile pulito e caldo dello scrittore e poeta cileno riesce da 50 anni a unire generazioni, semplici e colti, non lettori e lettori di tutto il mondo. . .A cura di Giulia Santerini e Leonardo Sorregotti


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A Musical Video using original sounds of the city of Berlin. In only 6 days of shooting, BONAMAZE sampled more than 850 sounds!

The triumph of freedom, 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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Berlin, November 9, 1989. The eyes of the world are all focused on these walls that collapse and behind every blow, of pick or gun, there is anger who for 30 years lived in a nightmare and the hope that finally something is changing. Imagine going to sleep in a world that is no longer the same in the morning; a wall, initially made only of palisades and barbed wire, which yesterday was not there, now breaks your city in two. On the other hand there are your loved ones, friends, maybe even the person you love, but they tell you that you can no longer reach them. And if, after disbelief, try to cross the barrier, you are arrested and you risk your life too. Like Lothar and Jörg, 13 and 10 years old, who are only children, but this does not stop the hands of border soldiers who kill them with gunshots. Or Ida, who at 59 years old throws herself out of the window of her house, praying to fall on the right side, to reach her family and instead finds death. Between 1949 and 1961, about 2.5 million Germans passed from East Germany, under Soviet rule to West Germany controlled by France, the United Kingdom and the USA It was to put an end to this exodus that East Germany built the wall, which became one of the most majestic symbols of oppression: 155km for almost 4 meters high, at least 133 people killed by border police, only in Berlin, 105.5 km of antitank ditch, 302 guard towers with armed snipers, 20 bunkers, checked day and night. But the strength of one, which became that of many, opened cracks and that wall that broke into two even many lives eventually collapsed under the weight of the courage to fight. This is why today, 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, remembering also means honoring that people are still fighting to bring down those barriers, visible or not, that fuel hatred and divisions. Because "freedom", when you have insuperable borders that deprive you of it, is much more than a simple word.

Immerse Yourself In The Italian Forest Within These Black Wood Cabins

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Near the forest in Nova Ponente, Italy sits an ensemble of wooden abodes smoked to perfection. The Fan Forest Houses By Bergmeisterwolf Architects are a trio that blends in with nature and forms a single entity. Each house is positioned on a concrete slab, floating over the topography with spacing that makes them seem connected like a comprehensive piece of art. You can access the beautiful houses by a wooden bridge, which creates the feeling of entering a zone stripped of digital distractions. They have spacious, integrated cantilevered terraces so you can enjoy the warm sun while devouring your current novel. The structures seem to grow out of the landscape, and the black slats carry over to the roofs of the three houses to form a sense of flow and wholeness. Once inside, you’ll find simple furniture and large windows that invite you to connect with the views of the natural world. The Fan Forest Houses are peaceful, minimalist retreats for a digital detox to help you reconnect to the organic world.
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