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garciagerman arquitectos opens 'desert city' cactus center on the outskirts of madrid

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Spanish architect Jacobo García-Germán has designed an experimental garden centre for exhibiting, breeding and growing cacti near Madrid. García-Germán's firm Garciagerman Arquitectos designed the Desert City research and development centre for a a stretch of former wasteland set between a motorway and the foothills of the Upper Manzanares Basin Regional Park in San Sebastián de los Reyes.

Islands in the Sky

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Faroes Islands are a truly spectacular place for photography, such an amazing location, with a lot of drama on its cliffs and a really amazing light. This time it has not been really easy to do this work, because to reach the most famous sites like Drangarnir, Traelanipan or the lighthouse of Kallur you have to walk long distances on a complicated terrain due to its inclination, also the photographic equipment and the drone weight’s, made it very hard.

Finn Lough Bubble Domes

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Walls are overrated. Or at least that is the way that the Finn Lough resort in Northern Ireland sees it. Just take a look at their Bubble Dome and you’ll see what we mean. Given that the property was surrounded by dense forest, designers of this vacation rental decided they’d just do away with the walls and let the natural light in. The surrounding trees provide privacy while the plastic dome allows for 360-degrees of visibility – making it so visitors can look up at the starry sky and catch both sunrises and sunsets with an unobstructed view. Of course, this vacation home offers more than just a see-through ceiling. The Bubble Dome has a full bathroom, private area for sitting, and is just a short walk away from a full suite of activities for visitors to enjoy. Book a night while you still can.
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Bond Museum In Austria

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Bond Museum In Austria Posted in Living By John Mannheimer Share Tweet Interacting with jaguars at the top of glacial peaks has not traditionally been a tourist attraction for those venturing to Western Austria. But the mountainous, ski-happy region has a new point of interest, thanks to the recently installed James Bond Museum in Sölden, where you can do just that. At 3,050 meters above sea level, the museum offers a stunning view–and if the altitude hasn’t already, the cars inside are guaranteed to take your breath away. Aston Martins aren’t the only vehicles that have been driven by the likes of Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and bond-incumbent Daniel Craig. Jaguar Land Rover has vehicles featured in 9 of the 26 Bond movies. The museum–officially titled “007 Elements”–will have a bevy of JLRs from Bond films on display. Among the cars on exhibition are the Land Rover Defender, the Range Rover Sport SVR, and the electric Jaguar I-Pace–all of which appeared in 2015’s Spectre. A wireframe model of the $1.5 million Jaguar C-X75 concept that ferried Bond through Rome in Spectre’s high-speed chase scene will also be on site. Gallery rooms were designed by Neal Callow, the art director for the last three Bond films, making “007 Elements” a fully immersive experience. Though you might start feeling like a secret agent, don’t try to speed off with one of these thunderballs. Driving these cars requires a different kind of license.
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