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Loud Places

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WALLS THAT ONCE HOUSED NOISE | LIVING PORTRAITS OF DEAD MUSIC VENUES Loud Places captures three iconic venues in their current state - venturing inside a restaurant, a gym and a vaudeville theatre to explore the addresses that were once home to live music. Bringing together the performers, promoters and audience members that once made these places their sonic homes, we seek to reawaken the walls that once housed noise across London, Paris and Berlin. Originally premiered via Nowness, this extended cut was nominated for the Best Documentary Short Film award at the London Short Film Festival. Directed by Mathy & Fran
Collections - summer 2016

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After gaining creative experience in theatrical and fashion production, Ludovica Diligu founded in Milan in 2006 and started producing her first, though limited, fashion collections. Hailling from a family of architects, Ludovica was brought up in an atmosphere of research into lines, volumes and geometry, styles that form the basis of her highly qualified profession. This is the reason why her creations are more like wearable architecture. Moving to Berlin the undisputed centre of the latest European artistic trends whilst remaining a staunch supporter of “made in Italy” production, has been the winning formula at the base of Ludovica’s success.
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