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Finn Lough Bubble Domes

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Walls are overrated. Or at least that is the way that the Finn Lough resort in Northern Ireland sees it. Just take a look at their Bubble Dome and you’ll see what we mean. Given that the property was surrounded by dense forest, designers of this vacation rental decided they’d just do away with the walls and let the natural light in. The surrounding trees provide privacy while the plastic dome allows for 360-degrees of visibility – making it so visitors can look up at the starry sky and catch both sunrises and sunsets with an unobstructed view. Of course, this vacation home offers more than just a see-through ceiling. The Bubble Dome has a full bathroom, private area for sitting, and is just a short walk away from a full suite of activities for visitors to enjoy. Book a night while you still can.
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Located in Krokskogen forests, Norderhov, Norway, this modern cabin by architects Atelier Oslo sits on a slope overlooking scenic Lake Steinsfjorden. Laminated timber, plywood and steel rods form the frame, the open plan interior based around levels and against sweeping walls, allowing for division of the floor plan. Huge glass windows make the most of the incredible views, placed to catch as much precious sunlight as possible throughout the day, vital in those dark, Scandinavian winter months. The unusual cave-like ceilings and basalt stone slab layered onto a pre-fabricated structure add to the cabin’s cozy feel, while the central fireplace sets a similar focus for this clever, compact house.
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