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Jack Johnson and Kelly Slater performing Home - from the album 'From Here To Now To You'

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Jack Johnson and Kelly Slater enjoy a fine day at the beach performing Home' from Jack's latest album 'From Here To Now To You'

Ntional Standard - man

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NATIONAL STANDARD - sneakers made in france, menstyle collection spring/summer 2017. Creative freedom, independence and a shared vision of fashion inspired François Chastang and Arnaud de Louvencourt to create NationalStandard in 2010. National Standard is part of a new generation of creative and independent Paris-based brands. The founders have tapped into their experience in the worlds of fashion and luxury to construct a global brand, developed around footwear, and in particular their key item, the sneaker.

alexander hotto - artisan shoes made in Italy

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The whole team is born in the manufacturing district of Montegranaro. They are a family near to the needs of every single customer with a customized service and paying attention to every particular in the production of their shoes. For this reason we can’t describe Alexander Hotto as a simple and fashionable shoe, but, as a solution thanks to a great team that grants experience and values to an offer already enriched by the materials chosen. The whole collection has a soul that results from the care of every detail: from the English shoe with vintage manufactures and braids, from the elegant and refined heel shoes to the unconventional boots.
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