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Casa Cox By Zeta Arquitectos

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Chile is home to a number of unique buildings, but the country’s seaside dwellings steal the show when it comes to originality. Casa Cox, designed by the locale’s very own Zeta Arquitectos, bridges the gap between a forest-oriented cabin and a stilted surf shack — two things that you don’t often pair in the same sentence. To develop the minimalist space, Zeta took to the drawing board — looking to create a friendly, cozy common area that could be used as both a sociable retreat and a secluded getaway. An exterior adorned in slatted wood siding, intriguing stilts, and a raised patio area give the home its very own character, allowing denizens to spend their evenings admiring the surf. Within the structure, a single solitary living area plays host to the dwelling’s primary living areas, complete with a modernized kitchen, wood-burning stove and chimney, and a large, front-facing window that perfectly frames the home’s oceanfront view. An upper level that can only be accessed by ladder features four separate beds, as well as its very own private deck, giving family and friends a splendid view of the surrounding area.

Finn Lough Bubble Domes

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Walls are overrated. Or at least that is the way that the Finn Lough resort in Northern Ireland sees it. Just take a look at their Bubble Dome and you’ll see what we mean. Given that the property was surrounded by dense forest, designers of this vacation rental decided they’d just do away with the walls and let the natural light in. The surrounding trees provide privacy while the plastic dome allows for 360-degrees of visibility – making it so visitors can look up at the starry sky and catch both sunrises and sunsets with an unobstructed view. Of course, this vacation home offers more than just a see-through ceiling. The Bubble Dome has a full bathroom, private area for sitting, and is just a short walk away from a full suite of activities for visitors to enjoy. Book a night while you still can.


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A look inside the lives of Laura Ferrara and Fabio Chizzola, a fashion editor and photographer couple who own a farmhouse in Hudson River Valley, New York. The 32-acre apple orchard is their weekend getaway, which they’ve taken over eight years to renovate to perfection. The farm grows pears, raspberries, garlic, grapes and squash and houses a flock of chicken and honey beehives as well as maple trees. Inside the house, dark wood line the floors and walls that emanate a feeling of warmth. Quilts, long pile carpets, and furniture made from their own wood show off the couple’s eccentric yet sophisticated taste.


Tag: bemoreyourselfHiroyuki Shinozaki ArchitectshouseHouse TJapanopen spaceTokyo

House T, designed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects, is a unique two person house and office located in Tokyo, Japan. The house is completely and dizzyingly open on the inside, with gaping walls whose holes connect the different living spaces. The house turned out to be surprisingly airy and open thanks to having only one central column supporting catwalk floors that frame the limited space instead of occupying it. The ceilings — or lack thereof — are framed by thin ledges that seem dangerous to walk on, unprotected by any sort of railing or support structure.
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