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Mona Lisa Selfie

Tag: mona lisa selfieartmade in italyBeMore yourselffashion store meranlouvreParis

MONA LISA SELFIE Over 6 million people visit the Mona Lisa at the Louvre each year. Many share their visit on social media. A film by DANIEL MCKEE Music by ISAAC STERN

Loud Places

Tag: loud placesberlinlondonParisbemorestoreMeranostephan waldershort filmvimeovideofashionstoresfashion

WALLS THAT ONCE HOUSED NOISE | LIVING PORTRAITS OF DEAD MUSIC VENUES Loud Places captures three iconic venues in their current state - venturing inside a restaurant, a gym and a vaudeville theatre to explore the addresses that were once home to live music. Bringing together the performers, promoters and audience members that once made these places their sonic homes, we seek to reawaken the walls that once housed noise across London, Paris and Berlin. Originally premiered via Nowness, this extended cut was nominated for the Best Documentary Short Film award at the London Short Film Festival. Directed by Mathy & Fran


Tag: Alain DucasseBeMore yourselfbozenchocolateManufacturemeranParistraditional methodsartisanal

A small old Renault Garage in the heart of Paris has been turned into Alain Ducasse’s Manufacture à Paris, a new chocolate factory that practices the traditional methods of chocolate making. From bean to bar, Manufacture à Paris takes a long and meticulous approach in creating carefully crafted sweets that bring shame to all others. With a desire to depart the increasingly mechanized world, the factory operates on a human scale by bringing man and machine together as one.
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