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brand unique ss'16

Tag: brand uniquewomanstyleMeranofashion stores meranstephan walderspring summer 2016

ADVANCE AND SOPHISTICATED LUXURY SS 16 Collection is an elevation of the style to a most sophisticated image but keeping however an ironic and funny side that characterized it. Volumes, ever polished, are completed by tailoring details and luxury ethnic fabric inserts. Fine model research and studied particulars give life to double-faces items you can interact with them. New materials same as coupled double colour, fil coupè and new denim were entered which bright embellishment and hand made embroidery. Character’s prints has a new mood which pop style that tends to graphic world with a contrasting concepts mix which their combine and give life to a sports chic and ironic high world. Knitwear has been proposed with new prints techniques metal and chalk effect which create tridimensionality games and unexpected overlaps. Basic items, t-shirts and knit, are completed with an extended selection of luxury embellishment, you can choose a garment and combine with graphic design and make a lot of combinations and expand the collection playing with multiple customizations to make every item most unique.

the monocle pop-up store in meran

Tag: monoclepop_up storemeranspring summer 2016stephan walderbemorestore merano

bemore store is glad to announce that also for the summer season 2016 Monocle chose Merano.

Springa sneakers - spring 2016

Tag: springamanstylespringsummer2016bemorestore meranfashion stores meranMeranostephan walder

The ideas come from everyday life, taking unused clothes and objects and giving them a new life in a creative and artistic way. Hawaiian shirts, ties, t-shirts, leather jackets from the 1960s, suede jackets, inner tubes, and bales of coffee are cut, assembled, and sewn using typical Italian craftsmanship to form each unique pair of shoes. They are unique because no material is the same as any other: the patterns of Hawaiian shirts are all different; the t-shirts each have different prints, text, images; the leather and suede jackets are different shapes, and have different pockets, finishings and stitching; none of the ties are alike, the inner tubes look similar, but they all come from different sources (trucks, tractors, cars), some have patches, and sometimes weather conditions have discolored them; the jute coffee bales are printed with the stamps and brands of different producers and the different places they come from. Each Springa product has its own story and its own individuality. Unique.
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