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I Know My Soul

Tag: bemoreyourselfI Know My Soul Douglas Ratzlaff Bernardtmeranvideovimeo

Poem by Claude Mckay. Director: Douglas Bernardt Director of Photography: Adolpho Veloso Editor: Victor Cohen Colorist: Bleach Films / Sergio Pasqualino
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Tag: nomadvimeobemorestoremeranvideolifestyle

"NOMÁD" explores the raw and powerful energy of professional surfer Alex Smith's lifestyle. Shot entirely on Oahu's North Shore, the short film pushes the boundaries of surfing by capturing the sport in a new light.

The Sun, The Moon, and the Truth | Nepal

Tag: bemore meranfashionnepaloshosoulthe sun the moon and the truthvideovimeo

Words: OSHO Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh We are very ungrateful to existence it has given so much to us, and without our asking to look around at what existence is continually doing for us: The Sun The Moon The stars The trees The birds The animals The people We are such ungrateful creatures you are living in a tremendously beautiful dream you have to be awake about it. Then only; a gratefulness arises I call that gratefulness true religion. All that you need is a deep gratitude towards existence, he need not believe in god, he need not believe in heaven and hell just a simple phenomenon, a deep felt gratitude that this existence would have been missing something without you, that this vast existence needed you, no one else. And your place, was empty before you, will be empty after you.

THE OLD WAYS - A Journey to Northwest Vietnam

Tag: the old waysvietnamvimeoshort filmbemorestoremeran

This is a short film in Northwest Vietnam, one of important sub-regions of Vietnam. This region plays a crucial role in Vietnam defense and security. Northwest Vietnam is always characterized by untouched beauty of landscapes and local people. Locations : Tu Le, Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, Bac Ha, Hoang Su Phi, Ban Phung village


Tag: perspectivefernando livschitzblack sheep videovimeobemore store meranfashionpop artdream

One day I woke up and I saw everything in perspective... - Directed by Fernando Livschitz
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